P5 Indoor Rgb Panel


This technical manual applies only to indoor Q5E16V4.6 (64* 32),constant current 1/16 scan with die-casting aluminum cabinet .

Product Description

  • Indoor full color P5 1/16 scan module is composed of a pixel matrix, which is dominated by red LED chip, green and blue LED chip ,then fixed on the plastic
  • This module contains drive IC and input buffer IC, connected to the LED display control system .It can display videos, images, texts
  • Through OE signal to drive RGB’s drive IC, the screen can form 4,398,000,000,000 kinds of colors.
  • The module can be assembled both in horizontal and vertical direction, so that customer can get different sizes display screen
  • Module Characteristics:
  • super bright LED and high quality plastic parts
  • high contrast display can achieve good results
  • Light weight: easy installation and removal
  • can be a single point, single-lamp maintenance, low cost
  • using constant current drive LED, light uniformity, low power consumption
    • ixel pitch of 5.0mm, a total of 64 * 32 pixels , each pixel is composed of 1R1G1B

       LED Lamp Specification:







      Pixel Pitch 5 mm Pixel Density 40000Dots/㎡
      Configuration 1R1G1B Resolution 64*32=2048 Dots


      360*160*14 mm Net Weight 0.35kg±0.01kg
      Structure Led    and    ICs    in

      same PCB

      Plastic Kit Polycarbonate


      Input Voltage(DC) 4.5±0.1 V Maximum Current ≤5.2A±0.1A
      Module Power ≤23 W Driving method Constant Current

      1/20 scan





      Cabinet Dimensions(Width*Height*Depth) 640mm*640mm*84mm
      Pixel Density 128*128=16384 Dots
      Square Meters 0.4096 ㎡
      Cabinet Weight 10.5kg ±0.05 kg
      Power consumption 185w    (max)
      Power consumption 93w      (average)
      Distribution power (78% power efficiency) 242W





      Display Screen

      Brightness ≥ 600 cd/ ㎡ Brightness uniformity >0.95


      140±10 degree Viewing angle-Vertical 130±10 degree
      Best viewing distance ≥4.0m Pixel failure < 0.0003
      Max Power Consumption


      Distribution power (78% power efficiency)








      Operation environment







      Gray Scale 12-16bits Display Color 43980 billions
      Frame frequency ≥60 frames/sec Refresh Rate ≥1920Hz


Control Mode

Computer-controlle d,     point-by-point, correspondence, video




Brightness adjustment



256                    grade manual/automatic


Life Span:

≥100,000 hrs  

Average Failure Free Time

≥10,000 hrs

Attenuation (3 years later)





Operating Humidity





Input Signal

DVI/VGA, Video (multiple formats) RGBHV, Composite video signal、S-VIDEO

YpbPr (HDTV)

Signal Pin

Pin Signal Function Pin Signal Function





Red data signal





Green           data signal
3 B1 Blue data signal 4 GND GND





Red data signal





Green           data


7 B2 Blue data signal 8 DND GND
9 A Line signal 10 B Line signal
11 C Line signal 12 GND Line signal
13 S Clock signal 14 L Latch signal
15 OE Enable signal 16 CS Blanking signal

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